Alumni Chatterjee, Chamorro and Montero Guest Edit "Held in Suspense" at Cambridge Journal of Anthropology

"Held in Suspense: Promise, Threat and Revocability as Modalities of Governance,"  guest-edited by Syantani Chatterjee (PhD '20), Luciana Chamorro Elizondo (PhD '20), and Fernando Montero (PhD '20), has been put into press by the Cambridge Journal of Anthropology as a special issue for March 2023. The volume additionally features an afterword by Professor Maria José de Abreu.

An introductory editorial describes the volume as "salient reading in a moment of overlapping geopolitical, economic, health and environmental crises – one in which ‘normality’ seems continually suspended. Yet this issue also reminds us that the very image of ‘normality’ (qua freedom, sufficiency, security) that is often taken for granted in the Global North is a historically specific product, a privilege enjoyed by a relative minority. For many others, suspension may well be ‘normality’, an everyday condition that is oriented towards (persistently deferred) futures and social orders."

More information about the work and the featured articles can be accessed through The Cambridge Journal of Anthropology.

March 17, 2023