Lila Abu-Lughod to deliver lecture at NYU, Liberal Studies Global Lecture Series

Lila Abu-Lughod will deliver the lecture "Security and the Political Geographies of Gender Violence" as a part of the Liberal Studies Department Global Lecture Series.


Tuesday, December 3, 5:30 p.m.


NYU Liberal Studies

Hemmerdinger Hall, Silver Center

31 Washington Place


November 07, 2019

Elizabeth A. Povinelli discussion and film at FÓRUM DO FUTURO, Porto

We are constantly hearing that humans face an epochal moment – that, if we’re not at the end, we’re inching close. And it’s not just one sort of ending. For many people, human beings and their earth seem to be close tomany modes of ending. We are hearing conversations about the end of the EU, the end of migrants’ rights and of liberal democracy, the end of gender, sexual, and racial justice; the end of humanity; the end of the planet. So what’s next?

November 09, 2019

Elizabeth A. Povinelli to present lecture at the 16th Istanbul Biennial

Discussion series titled “Exploring the Seventh Continent”, to be held on the opening and closing weeks of the Biennial on 14 September and 9 November 2019, aims to initiate dialogue between the anthropological approach and artistic point of view by bringing together philosophers and biennial artists. Among the distinguished participants of the discussion series are; Assoc. Prof. Dr Ayfer Bartu Candan, known for her work on urban anthropology; Assoc. Prof. Dr Emanuele Coccia with his research on eco-politics, introducing the vegetal sphere into philosophy; Assoc. Prof.

November 29, 2019

Elizabeth A. Povinelli to present lecture at After Progress: Plural Potentialities, Goldsmiths University of London

In the course of the first two After Progress symposia it has become apparent that, rather than an idea to be criticised, “progress” names instead an entire array of capitalist, colonial and extractivist operations. It is a world-ploughing machine that suffuses the very modern mode of evaluation from which the values of global development, infinite growth, technological innovation, and salvage accumulation are derived. And it is one which simultaneously infuses and animates well-meaning dreams of cosmopolitan redemption, and stories of innocence and reconciliation.

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