Graduate Events and Activities

Scheps Library Invited Lectures and Presentations

Scheps Seminar was temporarily suspended due to COVID19 and will resume in the 2021-2022 academic year, when conditions permit. Please watch for updates.

Dissertation Workshops

Doctoral students who have completed their field research and are in the process of writing their dissertation are required to present their work to colleagues once per semester. These workshops also feature invited guests, typically alumni who have recently graduated from our program, who offer insight and constructive criticism to help dissertation-writing students advance their thinking and writing. This is a remarkable opportunity for students in the write-up stages of their program to receive critical input from people other than their faculty advisors. It is also part of our effort to nurture cross-generational solidarities and intellectual community.

Dissertation Workshops 2020-2021

Research Groups

Students who share interests with colleagues both in the Department and from other disciplines across campus and elsewhere regularly constitute research groups around particular themes, theoretical questions, or regional issues. Modest funding is available to support the activities of such groups and may be applied for via the Anthropology Graduate Students Association (AGSA).

Previous Scheps Workshops

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