Past Event

Claudio Lomnitz | Shtetl Cosmopolitanism and the Peruvian Vanguard

March 7, 2019
4:00 PM - 7:00 PM
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Presentation Room, Oxford Road Building, Emory College, Atlanta, GA 30322

The Spanish and Portuguese Department invites you to a talk by Professor Claudio Lomnitz.

Based on Lomnitz's latest book, Nuestra América, this presentation will rase and seek answers to the following questions: (1) What did a major intellectual figure like Mariátegui see in Jewish cultural achievements, even those that developed in the most backward portions of Europe? (2) What, in turn, did young Jewish socialists see in Mariátegui's vanguardist and revolutionary projects? (3) What is the relationship between indigenismo and Jewish cultural nationalism? The talk is a contribution to the study of the connection between exile and Spanish American consciousness.