Evin Frances Grody

Evin Frances Grody

Dissertation Review Committee

Research Concentrations

Archaeology, Human-Animal Relations, Multispecies Approaches, Pastoralism, Environment


Southern Africa; Zambia, South Africa


Evin Grody’s conducts zooarchaeological research in Southern and South-Central Africa. Her dissertation research combines existing museum collections with newly excavated faunal material to examine human-animal relationships over the last 2,000 years (roughly the "Iron Age"). This project focuses on Zambian sites, and couples analyses of procurement and processing with new theoretical frameworks to reconsider the skill, technology, and responsiveness woven into animal use strategies. It seeks to reassess our understanding of human-animal relationships in this period, and their broader significance in the context of the economic, craft, social, and political changes in Southern and South-Central Africa over the last two millennia. 


Yale University, BA in Archaeological Studies, 2012
University of Pretoria, MA in Anthropology and Archaeology, 2016

2016. Coeditor with Annie R. Antonites and K. Scott. "New Directions in Southern African Archaeozoology of the Last 2000 Years." Special issue, African Archaeological Review 33, no. 4.

2016. “Of Buffalo & Butchers: Coupling Traditional Procurement Studies with Taphonomic Analyses to Explore Wild Animal Processing Patterns at Two Early Iron Age Sites in the Kruger National Park.” African Archaeological Review 33, no. 4: 385-409.