Ahmed Zakarya Mitiche

Ahmed Zakarya Mitiche

Research Interest

Research Sub-interest

Protest Movements, Political Movements, War on Terror, Historical Critique, Religious Critique


Northern Africa, Middle East, Mediterranean


Ahmed’s dissertation research focuses on social memory formation in the context of a contemporary political protest movement in Algeria known as the Hirak (2019-ongoing). He asks: How does social memory formation in the Hirak act as a challenge to dominant historiographical narratives- often legacies of colonial, post- Enlightenment models of historicism- that are superimposed by the nation-state. More importantly, what potentials does the conceptual space opened up by the Hirak offer in terms of a rethinking of the past and thus new epistemological possibilities and political futures? He seeks to accomplish this by tracing an ethnographic account of the memories of the Algerian past-- namely, the Algerian Revolution against French colonialism between 1954 and 1962, and the Black Decade of 1992 to 2002, through the social life of the Hirak.


University of Michigan, M.A. in Modern Middle Eastern and North African Studies (2020)
University of Indianapolis, B.A. in Sociology, Philosophy (2016)