Elizabeth A. Povinelli to present lecture at the 16th Istanbul Biennial

Discussion series titled “Exploring the Seventh Continent”, to be held on the opening and closing weeks of the Biennial on 14 September and 9 November 2019, aims to initiate dialogue between the anthropological approach and artistic point of view by bringing together philosophers and biennial artists. Among the distinguished participants of the discussion series are; Assoc. Prof. Dr Ayfer Bartu Candan, known for her work on urban anthropology; Assoc. Prof. Dr Emanuele Coccia with his research on eco-politics, introducing the vegetal sphere into philosophy; Assoc. Prof. Dr Jennifer Deger who works on the axis of anthropology, art, digital culture and experimental ethnography; the anthropologist-author Jeremy Narby specialising on relation between shamanism and molecular biology; Prof. Dr Elizabeth Povinelli with her critical approach to late liberalism; Assoc. Prof. Dr Tobias Rees, known for his engagement with various organisms such as the brain, microbes, snails and artificial intelligence, pleading for a "post-ethnic" approach of anthropology; and Prof. Dr Laurent de Sutter who criticises the normative mind through his publications.

November 09, 2019