Chazelle Roden awarded a Center for Science and Society Grant

Congratulations to Chazelle Rhoden who was awarded the Center for Science and Society's Co-Production of Climate Knowledge Grant for her project Ewe: A Digital Archive on Afro-Brazilian Forest-Based Ritual Praxes.

Led by Reginaldo de Oliveira, Rafael Mota, and Lucas Cidreira (coordinators at the Ilé Axé Torrun Gunan temple) and Chazelle Rhoden, the project will:

  • create a digital archive documenting the ecological relations between urban forest ecosystems and practitioners of the Candomblé religion in Brazil
  • study the connection between forests, ritual, religion, and climate
  • fund will also support native tree planting and nursery maintenance

For more information on the grant, please visit the Center for Science and Society.

February 01, 2024