Past Event

Vita Peacock | Through the Looking Mask: Narratives of Transformation in Anonymous

October 22, 2015
4:10 PM - 6:00 PM
Sheldon Scheps Memorial Library, Room 457, Schermerhorn Extension, Columbia University

Lecture delivered by Vita Peacock of University College London as part of the Scheps Memorial Lectures and Workshops Series.

Respondent: Michael Taussig

What's in a mask? Or rather should we ask—what's in the triad of a mask, it's wearer, and the air that breathes between them? For Anonymous street activists in Britain, the only rule of collective identity is the possession of a plastic Guy Fawkes mask, but it seems this is profound enough, for it is this which offers a portal from one world of relationships to the next. Peacock traces some of these transformations taking place in Britain, situating them in comparative tension with masking practices elsewhere.