Phoebe Grace Whiteside

Phoebe Grace Whiteside

Research Interests

Research Concentrations

Death and the Body, Forensic Science and Genetics, Memory Politics, Kinship, Anthropology of Science and Technology, Historical Anthropology


Phoebe is a doctoral student in sociocultural anthropology with primary interests in the anthropologies of death and of science and technology. Her emerging research explores biogenetic kinship and the material body as vectors for interpreting the aftereffects of past violence. She is currently developing a project focused broadly on the contemporary application of forensic science to the violence of church and state in 20th-c. Europe and narrowly on exhumation and identification efforts at former Mother and Baby Homes in Ireland.

Prior to Columbia, she earned a BA in Sociology & Anthropology from Swarthmore College, worked in research, evaluation, and implementation science in the international development and healthcare sectors, and thru-hiked long trails.


Swarthmore College, BA in Sociology and Anthropology, 2020