Noni Adero Binta Stephenson

Noni Adero Binta Stephenson

Research Interests

Research Concentration

Noni Stephenson's research will focus on unraveling the mortuary practices of the enslaved Africans in Jamaica during the British Colonial period. Through meticulous archaeological exploration, she seeks to illuminate the enduring African-derived cultural traditions that persisted through centuries. Noni's work delves into the interplay of faith within the enslaved community, examining how African spiritual traditions intersected with Christian influences, offering unique insights into the religious landscape of that time period. In essence, Noni's research offers a compelling window into the past, honoring the resilience and cultural heritage of Jamaica's enslaved Africans. Through her work, she aims to enrich our understanding of this transformative period in history, inviting us to reflect on the enduring human spirit.


Jamaica, Caribbean


Kyushu University, MA in Philosophy

University of the West Indies, BA in History and Archaeology with a minor in Literatures in English