Marilyn Ivy

Marilyn Ivy

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Photography, Aesthetics and Politics, The Nuclear, Ecocriticism, Critical Theory and Psychoanalysis


East Asia; Japan


Marilyn Ivy's research has focused on issues of modernity and late modernity, cultural ideology, nativist ethnology, religion, and performance, with particular emphasis on Japan. This research culminated in her book, Discourses of the Vanishing: Modernity, Phantasm, Japan, which sought to show how superseded forms of practice and life on the margins were appropriated to serve as exemplars of unbroken Japanese tradition in the postwar period. She has since written extensively on media, photography, performance, and politics. Recent work and teaching has focused on aesthetics, politics, and an ecocriticism of the nuclear, as she has engaged with Japanese (and non Japanese) artists, art critics, photographers, poets, performers, and scholars to form a collectively critical relationship with the aftermath of the Fukushima nuclear catastrophe and the triple disaster of March 11, 2011.


Cornell University, PhD in Anthropology, 1988
Cornell University, MA in Anthropology, 1982
University of Hawaii, MA in History
, 1979
University of Oklahoma, BA in Asian Studies, 1975

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