Prof. Lila Abu-Lughod:
“Is the War on Muslims a War on Rights?”, University of AlbertaFebruary 4, 2019.
September 28, 2019, Inaugural Lecture, Department of Anthropology, University of Leuven, Belgium 
October 2018, "Framing Islam: 'Violent Extremism' and the Rise of Securofeminism," Anthropology Annual Lecture, Wesleyan University
May 2018, "Museums and Recognition Politics in Settler-Colonial States,"  Palestinian Museum and Birzeit University, Birzeit, Palestine
February 2018, "Settler Colonialism Observed: Palestine's Alter-natives" Clifford Geertz Commemorative Lecture, Princeton University
"Framing Islam: 'Violent Extremism' and the Rise of Securofeminism," 2017 Fredric C. Wood Lecture in the Religion Department at Vassar College, October 3, 2017.

Prof. Brian Larkin:

Generator Life’, Richard Bauman lecture at the University of Indiana. February, 2019.
‘The Cinema Situation,’ keynote address at Where is Cinema?”,  the inaugural Film & Media Graduate Conference.  Columbia University.  February, 2019.
‘Media, Form and Islam in Nigeria,’ seminar workshop, Rethinking Public Religion.  IRCPL.  Columbia University, March, 2019.
“The Political Aesthetics of Infrastructures,” talk at the symposium Development and Underdevelopment in the Global South: Forms, Histories, Alternatives.  University of Colorado, Boulder.  April, 2019.
'Parasites, Infrastructures & Islamic Networks,’  keynote lecture at  Transnational Religious Spaces?  Religious Organizations and their Interaction in Africa, East Asia and Beyond.  University of Leipzig.  December, 2018.
'The Political Aesthetics of Generators,'  Carl Schlettwein Lecture at the Basler Afrika Bibliographen.  November, 2018.  
‘Technique’. talk at the workshop Technosemiotics.  University of Michigan.  October, 2018.  
'Generator Life,’  keynote lecture at the conference, Appropriating Technologies.  University of Copenhagen.  September, 2018.
Prof. Audra Simpson:
“Savage States: Settler Governance in an Age of Sorrow” Nicholson Distinguished Visiting Scholar Lecture, Unit for Criticism & Interpretive Theory, University of Illinois-Urbana, Jan 25, 2019.
“Savage States: Settler Governance in an Age of Sorrow” 9th Annual Burge Lecture, Department of History, University of British Columbia, March 20, 2019.
Keynote, Indigenous/Setter Conference, Princeton University, April 4, 2019.
“Savage States: Settler Governance in an Age of Sorrow” Political Science Department Lecture, Colorado College, April 26, 2019.

Prof. David Scott:
"Thinking about John Dunkley," talk at the Pérez Museum, Miami, September 2017. 

Co-organizer of "The Jamaican 1970's," Graduate Center, CUNY, September 2017.
"Michael Manley's Styles of Radical Will," keynote lecture, "Caribbean Cosmopolis" symposium, SUNY Stonybrook, October, 2017.
"The Fragments/Whole," talk to be given at the seminar: "The Sea is History: Art and Black Atlantic Cultures," Haus der Kunst, Munich, Germany, October, 2017.

Prof. Paige West:

“An Anthropology for the Present,” keynote lecture at the MEGA Seminar (national anthropological meeting of Denmark), August 2019.
“Ethnography, Decolonization, and the Persistent Problem of Elitism in Anthropology,” talk at the University of Chicago, Department of Anthropology, March 2019.
“Environmental Anthropology: Contemporary Theory, Method, and Scope,” a series of lectures at SYNSYC, The National Science Foundation, March 2019. 

“A prayer for the world: Imagining a future in the face of climate change, dispossession, and transformation” keynote lecture at the University of Illinois, Chicago, University Institute for Humanities, October 2018

“Critical Approaches to Dispossession in the Melanesian Pacific: Conservation, Voice, and Collaboration” keynote lecture at the European Political Ecology Network Bi-Annual Conference, POLLEN, Oslo, Norway, June 2018
“Ethnography, Decolonization, and the post Hau Now” a talk at Rice University, Department of Anthropology, October 2018
“A prayer for the world: Affect, Anthropology, and writing the future, at talk at the Department of Anthropology, the University of Pennsylvania, September 2018. 3, 2017.

Prof. Rosalind C. Morris:

"The Wages of Death and the Death of Wages: Gambling on Gold in De-Industrializing South Africa," talk to be given at Cornell University, September, 2017.
Book launch of 'The Returns of Fetishism: Charles de Brosses and the Afterlives of an Idea,' by Rosalind C. Morris and Daniel H. Leonard (University of Chicago Press, 2017), with comments by Emily Apter, Dorothea von Mücke, Andrew Parker and Nahum Chandles. Salzberg Parlor, Barnard College, October 30, 2017.
"Wagering Translation in the Underground: Gold, Money, and the Task of Communication in De-Industrializing South Africa," at the conference: Conspiracy/Theory, University of Chicago, October, 2017.
"Silver Linings: Beyond and Beneath the Visible World," Keynote lecture, Global Earth Matters conference, University of Leiden and the Research Center for Material Culture, Leiden, October, 2017.
"The Wages of Death and the Death of Wages: Gambling on Gold in De-Industrializing South Africa," talk to be given at the Institute for African Studies, Columbia University, November , 2017.
Mediation and Violence in South Africa, Round Table discussion, Duke University, November, 2017.
"Critic at Large," response to Gayatri Spivak, AAA, Washington, DC, December, 2017.

Prof. Elizabeth Povinelli:

"Water Ways," ephemeropterae 2017/#10, Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary Foundation, Vienna, Austria, 18 September, 2017.
"Frontier Imaginaries: Toxic Political Concepts," e-flux, NYC, 22 September, 2017.
"How to Live non-fascist lives," a conversation with Matteo Lucchetti, BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht, 8 October 2017.
"Aesthetic Marks of Settler Colonialism," The Showroom, London, 20 October 2017.
The Karrabing Film Collective: Film Pioneer Series. Screening & Workshop, Tate, London, 28-29 October 2017.
"Aesthetic Marks of Settler Colonialism," Pompidu, Paris, 1 November, 2017.
Screening: The Jealous One (Karrabing Film Collective, Povinelli, dir., 2017), Karrabing Film Collective. Pompidu, Paris, 2 November, 2017.

Prof. Mara Green:

Panel "Modality Matters in Language and Ideology: Embodied Experience and Signing Practices," Discussant, AAA, Washington, DC, Nov. 28- Dec. 3, 2017.

Prof. Maria Jose de Abreu:

'Pious Technologies and Secular Designs,' Workshop participant, The Heyman Center, Columbia University, October 13-14, 2017.