• Maria José De Abreu

    Assistant Professor of Anthropology
    Department of Anthropology
    957 Schermerhorn Extension, Mail Code: MC 5523, United States
    +1 212 854 7752


    My work engages with a range of anthropological, philosophical and literary debates about temporality, personhood, the human senses and their technological extensions in the Lusophone world. I am currently working on two projects. The first is on the flourishing of Byzantine imaginary in urban São Paulo, Brazil through the practices of a media-savvy urban religious movement and the second is on experiences of impasse particularly among Portuguese youth in the context of the Southern European financial crisis and how today Portugal reimagines its peripheral position in regard to its colonial past. My ethnographic work has been supported by Fundação para Ciência e a Tecnologia, Lisbon, Forum for Transregional Studies, Berlin, ICI-Berlin, and Rework: Work and Human Lifecycle in Global History, at Humboldt University in Berlin.



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