• Alexander Alland Jr.

    Professor Emeritus, Anthropology
    462 Schermerhorn Ext, Mail Code: 5553, United States
    +1 212 854 5594


    My work of late has been divided between an ethnographic interest and a theoretical interest. On the ethnographic side my wife Sonia and I have just completed a book, Crisis and Commitment, based on field work with a successful French peasant social movement that arose as a protest against the extension by the government of a military camp. This work, begun in the summer of 1984 was completed in 1993. I am now engaged in a study of Catalan identity in two border villages, one in France and the other in Spain. On the theoretical side I am working in the area of anthropology and aesthetics. The orientation of this work can be seen in an article, "Affect and Aesthetics in Human Evolution", published in The Journal of Aesthetics and Art History in January, 1989, as well as in my book, Playing with Form: Children Draw in Six Cultures, published by Columbia University Press in 1985. An elaboration and expansion of ideas expressed in that article will appear in a book, Outside of Art History. I have also just completed a book on racism in academia to be called Racism for Fun and Profit.


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