• Brian Boyd

    Director of Museum Anthropology
    Department of Anthropology
    956 Schermerhorn Extension, Mail Code: 5523, United States
    +1 212 854 4564



    Brian received his M.A. from Glasgow University in 1991, and his Ph.D. from the University of Cambridge in 1996. He works on the archaeology of southwest Asia with a focus on the prehistory of Palestine, and also writes on critical human-animal studies. He is currently Co-Chair of the Columbia University Seminar on Human-Animal Studies, Co-Director of the Center for Palestine Studies, and Program Director of the Columbia Center for Archaeology. He is also Chair Emeritus of the New York Academy of Sciences Anthropology Division.

    Brian teaches: Holy Lands, Unholy Histories: archaeology before the bible”; “Critical Perspectives on Human-Animal Relations”; “Neanderthal Alterities”; “Noise/Sound Archaeology: excursions into the aural past”; and classes in the Museum Anthropology M.A. Program.

    He welcomes Ph.D. students who wish to carry out research relating to any of the above topics.



    Some Recent Publications:

    2015a. Toxic Ecologies of Occupation. EnviroSociety (Environment and Society). Berghan.

    2015b. Anthropology and the Boycott of Israeli Academic Institutions. Savage Minds: notes and queries in anthropology.

    2016. Abu Hureyra 1 in Northwest Syria: "periphery" no more. In Lillios, K.T. and M.

                Chazan (eds.) Fresh Fields and Pastures New: papers presented in honor of Andrew

                M.T. Moore. Leiden: Sidestone, pp. 21-39.

    2017a. Ecologies of fiber-work: animal technologies and invisible craft practices in

                prehistoric Southwest Asia. Quaternary International. 468: 250-261.

    2017b. Human-animal relations and archaeology: thinking through anthropocentrism Annual

                Review of Anthropology. 46: 299-316.

    2017c. The political ecology of za’atar. EnviroSociety (Environment and Society). Berghan.

    2018. An archaeological telling of multispecies co-inhabitation: comments on the origins of

                agriculture and domestication narrative in Southwest Asia. In Birch, S.P. (ed.) In

                Multispecies Archaeology. London & New York: Routledge, pp. 251-270.


    Current fieldwork: “Building Community Anthropology across the Jordan Valley”. A collaborative project with Co-Director Dr. Hamed Salem (Birzeit University) & the Palestine Ministry for Antiquities & Tourism. Partially funded by Columbia University President’s Global Initiative Fund.