M.A. Theses



Mead, Margaret. Intelligence Tests of Italian and American Children


Knox, Lucy P. Archaic Pottery from the Valley of Mexico

Strouse, Dorothy L. A Study of Archaeological Maise


Gordon, David. The Apertura Piriformis: A Study of Cranial Morphology


Mandelbaum, May. The Bolum Language


Dijour, Elizabeth. Preliminary Study of Runasimi (O'eswa) of the Cuzqueno and Bolivian Groups


Jaffe, Theresa H. A Study of Social Conditioning of Mourning Customs

Pulik, Barnett. Morphology and Mensuration of Skeleton Nose


Aginsky, Ethel G. A Critical Review of Waldemar Jochlson's Unpublished Aleutian Grammar, and an Analysis of Some Text Material

Kent, Susan. The Problem of Local Developments vs. Chronological Sequence in the Archaeological Southwest

Uldall, Hans J. Maidu


Briesen II, Hans von. Heredity Chieftainship.


Galligan, Alice. Distribution of Basketry Techniques in South America


Fraser, Dorothy E. The Cultural Significance of an Archaeological Site on the Middle Missouri River

Howson, Joan. A Protohistoric Arikara Village: The Buffalo Pasture Site


Horner, George R. New Jersey Pottery: Description and Analysis


Halpert, Herbert. Folk Rhymes of NYC Children

Imbert, Ruth. Goldsmithing Techniques in Pre-Colombian Central and South America

Leacock, Eleanor. Some Aspects of the Philosophy of the Cheyenne and Arapaho Indians


Pollens, Philippa. Some Problems in the Notation of Seneca Dances

Scheele, Raymond. The Treatment of Captives Among the Northeast Indians of North America

Weitzman, Frieda. A Preliminary Study on Stability of Changes in Body Form of Descendants of Immigrants


Fairservis, Walter. The Prehistoric Cultures of Shabarakh Usu: A Study in Central Asiatic Archaeology

Fetzer, Marie. The Comparative Geology of Early Human Fossils

Mahler, Joy. An Analysis of Straitigraphic Textile Series from Pachacamac, Peru

Paw, U. Richard. The Buddhist Priesthood in Burmese Society

Pessoa, Marie. A Bibliographic Study of the Deluge Myth in the Americas

Valladares, Gizella de P. Bahian Folktales


De Pauw, Nestor P. Culture Change in the Uruwunde Tribe

Nourse, Dolores. An Examination of the Relation of Dental Caries in the Bermudian Children to the Factors of Growth and Weight

Okala, Julius BCE. Culture Change in a West African Kingdom, ca. 1150-1856/1857-1936

Roesch, Phyllis J. The Household Arrangements and Domestic Habits of North American Pit House Dwellers


Edmonston, Mary C. The Mammoth and Mastodon in Folklore of the Indians of North America

Harwood, Ruth. The Tamberan Cult as Found in Melanesia and the Tropical Forest of South America

Jenkins, Charles R. The Caughnawago Mohawk: A Study in Cultural Adjustment

Rosenstein, Philip. The Economic and Social Functions of Cross-Cousin Marriage in Four African Tribes

Rosove, Perry E. The Horizontal Culture of Occupation: A Tentative Formulation

Steinman, Ruth. The Distinctive Configuration go Blackfoot Culture

Ward, Jean M. The Economic Position of the Peruvian Indian Peasant Under the Inca and the Spanish Colonial Regimes


Benson, Natalie. The Head Vases of the Arkansas-Missouri Region: Their Art and Archaeology in Relation to Culture Complexes in the Southeast

Chalfant, Stuart A. A Comparative Analysis of Arikara and Mandan Religious and Ceremonial Organization

Dutulle, Thomas E. Development of Political Leadership and Institutions Among the Klamath Indians

Gussow, Zachary. The Rise of the Laibon (Religious Leader) to Political Power Among the Masai Pastoralists of East Africa

Lieban, Richard W. Sociocultural Stability of the Chinese Intelligentsia: A Preliminary Analaysis

McMichael, Marcia W. Fetishism in West and Central Africa: A Comparative Study

Sampath, Hugh. An Outline of the Social History of the Indians in Trinidad

Tofani, Maurice. A Linguistic Approach to the Acculturation of Italians in NYC


Athey, Isabella W. Englishmen, Frenchmen, and Spaniards in the Southeast of North America: Their Aims and Values

Brody, Arnold W. The Australopithicine - Missing Link or Not?

Hardies, Roderick R. Changes in Baffin Island Eskimo Culture

Loomis, Robert C. The Value System of a Paleo-Arctic Siberian Tribe

Million, Rene F. Irrigation and Origin of the State in the Viru Valley of Peru

Rogow, Sally L. The Position of Women in the Ibo and Baganda With Special Reference Peoples: A Preliminary Study

Skinner, Elliot P. Aspects of Political Power in Relation to the Monarchy Among Some African Peoples: A Preliminary Study

Sperry, John. Eskimo kinship

Stover, Leon E. The Chinese Peasant and Communism

Suzuki, Peter. Minidoka: A Controlled Community, With Special Reference to Leadership


Benet, Francisco G. Cultural and Thematic Analysis of Mexican Fictional Movies

Garruth, Idell L. A Comparative Study of African Stringed Instruments and Drums, and Reflections on the Origins and Evolution of these Instruments

Gifford Jr., Philip C. The Ibaia Figurine Around the Yoruba

Golden, Bernard. The Stepped-fret in Amerindian Art

Gorenstein, Shirley S. The Description of Mochica Militarism

Kinsey, W. Fred. A Comparison of the Annual Ceremonial Cycle of the Greek and Iroquis Indians of the Eastern United States


Fjawoo, Dzigbodi K. Case Studies of Problems of Cultural Contact (With Particuar Respect to Political Organizations) in the Gold Coast: A Study of Some Aspects of the Conflict of the Modern Gold Coast Society

Kawai, Mary. The Relationship Between the Anyang and Karasuk Cultures

Mark, Lois S. Some Hypotheses Concerning Centrifugal Tendencies Manifested by Emigrant Irish Families

Phelps, Flora L. A Study of the Basque Mountain Village Social Organization Resulting from the Fusion of Pastoral and Simple Agricultural Elements

Prempeh, Albert K. The Effects of New Forms of Local Government on the Position of Chiefs in the Gold Coast

Smith, Constance A. Ruanda: Ethnological Background and Some Recent Developments and Conditions

Strickson, Arnold. Hacienda and Plantation in Yucatan: An Historical Consideration of teh Folk-Urban Continuum in Yucatan

Winner, Irene P. Problems of Nomadism and Social Organization among the Recently Settled Kazakhs


Finkelstein, Anne O. Cultural Origins of Two Planned Communities

Funk, Robert E. The Mississippi Problem: A Aurvey and Analysis of Temple Mound Cultures in the Prehistoric Southeast United States

Green, Vera M. Courtship Patterns in Eastville

Philips, Jane. Public Health Inferences from the Ancient Indus


Erickson, Edwin E. A Basis for the Typology of Andean Native Communities

Horowitz, Michael M. A Comparative Study of Several Negro Cults in the New World

Lutes, Eugene. A Relative Chronology of PaleoIndian Manifestations of Eastern New Mexico

MacBain, E. Heath. An Analysis of the Adolph Bandelier Archaeological Collection from Peluchuco and Chasrassani, Bolivia

Suggs, Robert C. The Manakaway Site: Greenwich, Connecticut


Feraca, Stephen E. The Contemporary Teten Sioux Sun Dance

Grinager-Powers,Patricia. Culture Change in aSmall Vallley in Prehistoric Peru: a workshop in attitudes

Kwong, Alice J. The Physicial in the Practice of TraditionalChinese Medicine in China and the United States: Contrasted and Compared withthe Practice of Western Medicine

Mitchell, William E. Persistence and Innovation of CulturalBehavior an alien society: a study in behavioral adaptation based onperceptions of United States immigration law and procedures by twenty-six college educated Chineseliving in New York City, 1955-56

Rowland, Ernestine E. The Cultural Importance of the Quanatcomplex in the Middle East

Weinreich, BeatriceS. The Prophet Elijah in ModernYiddish Folktales.


Berman, Robert. An Analysis of W.E. Le Gros Clark's Methodology in his study of Hominid Paleontology.

Briggs, Jerome. Relations Between the southern plainsBison Hunters and Southwestern horiculturists in Pre-horse Times (1540-1650.)

Carter, William E. Kachitu: change and conflict in aBolivian Town.

Carus, Stephen P. Communication and the nature of culture.

Zenner, Walter P. The Peyote way as a religious system

Fraser, Thomas M. Rusembilian: a Malay fishing village inThailand

Icken, Helen M. Dorado: a "traditional" PuertoRican sugar Community in Transition

Johnson, Charles C. Fort Thompson, South Dakota-- an American Non-self-governing Community

Kaplan, Flora S. The post-classic figurines of CentalMexico

King, Mary E. Three Worship in Mesoamerica and some AsiaticComparisons.

Pouris, John. Maniand the Vendetta.

Smolin, Martin C. The Southern Negroes: role of the Aged

Sparry, Ellen K. The Mat Motif in Maya art: a study ofthe distribution and symbolic of the Mat Motif in Ancient Mesoamerica

Treistman, Judith M. An Archaeological study of theSeistan region: the Chalcolithic period

Wallrath, Matthew. TheArchaic in Eastern United States: an essay in Synthesis

Zenner, Walter P. The Peyote way as a Religious System


Acowitz, Alois V. The Origins of Horse Domestication

Armbruster, Sylvia. The Upper Paleolithic of Valencia Province

Carr, William K. A History of the Development of Anthropology in China

Daniel, Earnie W. The Ecological Adaptation of the Bush Negroes of Suriname

Holmes, Garrick W. The Indian Miner in colonial Potosi

Knopp, Sylvia F. Shanty Town: the study of a newly formed Outcast group in Trinidad,British West Indies

La Ruffa,Anthony L. A study of the Ancestor cult in Melanesia and Polynesia.

Leibowitz, Lila. Social structure and therapy in a tuberculosis treatment setting

Marshall, Gloria A. Benefit societies in the British West Indies: formative years

Solimene, Alfonso. The Age of Menarche and reproductive capacity

Suphan, Robert J. The Socio-Political organization and land use patterns of the Umatilla,Walla Walla, and Cayuse Indians


Coe, Pamelia A. Lost in the hills of home: outline ofMississippi Choctaw social organization

Erickson, Elizabeth. Mechanisms of social control inAcephalous societies: a comparative study

Hopen, C. Edward. The pastoral Fulbe family in Gwandu

Jacobson, Jerome. Ward's Point, Totenville, and its cluesto the prehistory of Coastal New York

Raney, Ann F. Some aspects of Haitiannationalism: their cultural basis

Spector, Johanna. Acculturation in Turkestan with specialreference to music

Trend, Elizabeth E. The Southern Athabaskam migration to theSouthwest


Jaffe, Herman J. The Iroquois confederacu in the wars ofthe Iroquois

Starr, June O. Leadership and Cognatic residencegroups in Ifugao, Bontoc and Kalinga

Trombley, Lindway C. Historic growth of the Iroquois domaninalong the North Atlantic seaboard

Usem, Richard S. The Santal - an Indian tribe intransition

Kauppila, Helen M. Nursing in cross-cultural perspective

Walpole, Mary R. The reconstruction of the soft tissuesand physiognomy of fossil man


Canter, Robert S. An anthropological theory of law with anapplication to the Ifugao

Coe, Pamelia A. Lost in the hills of home: outline of MississippiChoctow social organization

Greenberg, Lisbeth M. Structural significances of the bearingof kinship and village exogamy on extra-village regional structure in NorthIndia

Kaminsky, Muriel. Mexican subculture types: anapplication of the Wagley and Harris typology

Koehler, Thomas H. LateToltec ceramics in the Valley of Teotihuacan:a report on the Maquixco-Mazapan Site

Pasternack, Burton. Continuity and discontinuity in Chinesepolicy toward the Southwestern tribes since 1911.

Post, Peter W. The newer evidence of hominidrelationships

Rothschild, Nan A. Pre- and post-European Yoruba cities WesternNigeria: a comparatice study

Seinfeld, Evelyn B. An evolutionary study of Mesoamerican settlementpatterns.


Cohen, Myron L. The Hakka or "guest people": dialect asa sociocultural variable in Southeastern China

Marks, Anthony E. Ein el Jemma'n: a Mesolithic sitein the Levant

Moore, Granville A.,Jr. The Guatemalan plantationsystem in historical perspective

Probst, Peter S. Mirrors of ancient China andpre-Columbian America


Mendelson, Robekah Z. The Bokharan Jewish community of NYC


Allen, Jr., Edwin J. Disease control in China

Burger, Henry G. Syncretism as an accelerator of directedculture change


Buechler, Judith M. A study of child development on the Bolivian Altiplano

Chamberlin, Taylor M. The formation of a native clergy in colonialSpanish America

Cohen, Roxane W. A study of factors related to differential Acculturationof American Indian males and females

Culver, Sara. TheManteno culture of the Santa Elena peninsula, S.W. coastal Ecuador

Diamond. Sydney G. The waste collectors

Ekholm, Susanna. Mound 30A and early middle preclassicsequence of Izapa, Chiapas, Mexico

Halberstadt, Jerome. Ethnology of the Navaho war ceremony

Hill, Betsy D. A ceramic sequence for the Valdiviacomplex

Hurzeler, Richard P. Messianic movements among the American Aborigines

MacDonald, George W., Jr. The most recent Wurm Stadial, itseffects upon the prehistorical occupations of the Middle East

Hegeman, Elizabeth. Community dynamics in a Barrio of Cali, Colombia

Hendel, Giselle. Changing perspectives on the missions among theRamah Navajo

Kotta, Joseph R. Problems of urbanization in East Africa

MacMillan, Sarah B. Crow Indian kinship changes

Morton, Ann. Religionin Juazeiro (Ceara, Brazil) since the death of Padre cicero

Rosenberg, Ellen M. African tribalism and African federalism

Semmel, Francine D. TheGuangala pottery of the Santa Elena Peninsula in Southwest Ecuador

Sorenson, Jr., ArthurP. The Phonology of Tukano

Sanders, Edith R. The Hamites in anthropology and history: apreliminary study

Semmel, Francine. The Guangala pottery of the Santa Elena peninsulaGuayas province, Ecuador

Morgan, Robert R. The image of the family in the fiction ofChina

Morton, Ann. Religion in Juazeiro (Ceara, Brazil) sincethe death of Padre Cicero: a case studyin Messianic religious activity

Josephy, Marcua R. The social structure of a Jewish "familycircle"

Laev, Arved. Persistence of Pagan Eschatalogical beliefs infolk religion: the case of the Estonians

Locker, Marea. The village and the wider community instudies of small Chinese communities

Kirk, Elizabeth M. The Lebanese in Ghana: a changing role in thesocial structure and economy

Newman, Roger C. Land reform in Bolivia's Yungas

Rosenberg, Ellen M. African tribalism and African federalism

Scanlon, Arlene P. Some factors affecting the form of thefamily in the Indian communities of the Guatemalan highlands: an inquiry intothe problem of family stability

Schein, Muriel. The Waste collectors

Maleney, Jane C. Local influences on political competition in contemporaryAfrican societies

Mostafa, Nadia. Influences upon the earliest village farming communitiesin Egypt

Swartzberg, Leon.Instrumentalities and results of entrepreneurship in a North Indian family

Takiner, Roselle. The contribution of skeletal studies to archeologicalreconstruction in North America


McDougle, Eugene. Ancient land and water use in coastal Ecuador

Nelson, Mary C. The effect of Islam on the role of women inWest Africa


Delson, Roberta M. The Jewish community of Porto Alegre: a minoritygroup adjusts

Foley, Vincent P.The development and placement of historic site archaeology in the United States

Aithan, Batya. A critical analysis of model building inthe writings of Claude Levi-Strauss and Edmund R. Leach

Grayson, James H. The role of Korean language churches among Koreans resident in NYC

Richmond, Harried D. Approaches of the city: Some theoretical aspects of migrant identity

Taylor, Donna. Apreliminary study of land tenure systems in agricultural societies


Chiaramonte, Louis J. Craftman-client contrasts: a description and transactionalanalysis of these contracts

Crawford, Charlotte. Comparative analysis of mayor and Rajput childhoods: attitudes towardssuccorance, aggression, authority and discipline

Frank, Sibyl B. Comparison of two Groups of Pariahs: The untouchablesof India and the Eta of Japan

Drexler, Susan S. A Critique of the Anthropological method asan Instrument for research on Human reproduction: A case study in Barbados

Karner, Frances P. The Sephardics of Curacao: A study of sociocultural patterns in Flux

Kunin, Carolyn. Culture change and Indian-mestizo relations inthe Tarascan area of Mexico


Margolies, B. Luise. Subcultural diversity in a Mexicanmunicipality

Roy-Choudhury,Dibyendu. Physical types inthe Indo-Pakistan subcontinent:an essay in physical ethnology or pre-partition India

Young, Barbara E. A Physiological Component in Witchcraft


Ek, Jon. Social organization of the Hueycantenanengo Guerrero

Pillai, A.K. B. Pre-historic civilization and social stratification:a study of the Indus Valley civilization

Spiegel, Nancy A.The ecological Niche and the culture area concept


Bornstein, Helen G. Squatting in New York City: character and causes

Mitchell, William. Indices of population pressure and social evolution:an exploratory investigation

Coberly, Ciel. An interactional analysis of Ten Curing ceremonies

Murphy, Yolanda. The Mundurucu women of the village of Cabrua

Donegan, James M. Anthropology and the public: an analysis of current situation and prospectusfor archaeology in the US

Kandoian, Ellen A. The Vanetzi society tradition in transition


Friedman, Melvin S. The Ideological origins of the Chinese communes

Montgomery, Rita E.A Cross-cultural study of menstruation, menstrual taboos, and related social Variables


Mertens, Ilse E. Ritual Redundancy and Cognition


Pleskin, Gloria. The Dialects of Shtetl Life


Medeot, Claude X.The effect of development on Borneo

Messer, Sena R. The price of protection: reproductive hazards in the workplace

Rapp, Elizabeth. Socialization, order and disorder in Bali

Rosenfeld, Edward. Cultural evolution and the politics of alternative energy

Silver, Esther B.

Spiegel, Marianne.

Waterston, Alisse. Puerto Rican women within the "Family" andreligious contexts: the Effects of socio-economic conditions


Baruch, Elizabeth.

Cagin, Linda.

Corino, Mary.

Cros, Michele.

Duever, Constance.

Gorman, Colin M.

Hsieh, Eileen.

Kearns, Betsy W. Archaeological Project 96 W NYC 1979-80

Lippel, Rosalind F. Separate but equal: A matter of perspective

Lagos, Maria.

Miller, Catherine. Malaria eradication programs in the Tari region of Nepal: short-term success/long term failure

Panagopoulou, Helen. no MA listed

Reed, Henry H. The resettlement of the Gwembe Tonga: Large-Scale development and its multidimensional effects

Sanders, Stephen.1750-1812 Ferry House, Brooklyn

Shen, Abraham (TC). Race mixture in the Islands of Hawaii

Scheps, Sheldon.

Settegast, Mary. Catal Huyuk: a neolithic Greek renaissance -- the archaeology of Plato's prehistory

Sullivan, Jeanne.

Thornton, Constance.

Turnquist, Susan.

Paul, Ghislaine.


Foster, Robert. Hierarchy and value: the organization of Mehinakuideology

Finch, John. Structure and meaning in New Guinea highland mythology

Ensworth, Patricia. Mineral resource extraction and development on the Navajo Reservation

Nager, Richard. Myth, mind, and society

Townsend, Joan. Stupidity street: an examination of the prevalence of diabetes Mellitus among

native Americans of the Southwest


Cammisa, Alfred.

Daniels, Arnold Jr.

Havron, Milton D. The Use of Health Care Alternatives by Dominican Immigrants on Manhattan's Upper West Side

McCowan, Willimam.

Newman, Geoffrey. Pan Kuang -Tan (Quentin Pan) 1899-1976: A Chinese Sociologist

Taft, Leslie, Ann. A comparison of two balanced Polymorphism complexes, and the effects of cocoa production, out-migration, and the cash economy on the nutritional quality of the rural diet in Ghana - a case study


McConnell, Jacalyn. Feminist Symbolism: The Two Sides of a Circle

Riley, Kathleen. Stars and Patterns: Metaphores of Luminality in Leslie Silko's Ceremony

Rostas, Susanne. "Variations in crosscultural Cannabis use"

Williams, Ellen. Cultures vs. Chaos: An Examination of Ancestors Worship


Hayashi, Sumiko. The Status of Women in the United Nations Organization

Leichter, Kevin. Prolegomenato the Study of Myth

Hso, Phoebe.

Kotliar, Jay. Wari: The Elusive Empire

Middleton, Julia. The Resplendent Bird and the Nurturant Fish: An Analysis of 2 Polynesian Symbols

Pivnick, Anita M. The Visiting Nurse: A Pivotal Role


Hassig, Debra. Millenarian movements in the pre-world system

Johnson,Learie. no MA listed

McCabe, Michael. NYC Taboo: Origins of a Style

Morrill, Bruce. The Initiation Rite of a Catholic Parish in NYC

Murrell, Gerald. The Sky Serpent Image in Mesoamerican Iconography

Okayahi, Noriyuki. Japanese Living

Rowland, Debran. All Our Kin

Williams, Jill. The Iroquois and the Concept of Tribe


Illich, Yvonne. Cherokee Political Ethnoarchaeology

MacCarter, Gregory. Sexual Dimorphism of the Central Nervous System

Moriwake, Tomomi. A Study of Role Conflict and Ressentiment Among the Children of Kabyle Immigrantsin France

Rubenstone, Donna. Shame: Anthropology of the Shame Affect and Emotion

Nelson, Laura. Korean Women in NYC


Barcellos,Maria. A Rivolta de Canudos: A Revitalization Movement

Saputo, Paul. The Mother-Infant Relationship in Captive Lion-Tailed Macaques: A Case Study

Cakir, Mihri. The attire of Turkish women from 1923-35

Calderone, John. The Immigration Mission of Transfiguration Parish

Capo, Joseph. Ecological Anthropology

Consagra, George. Two Values in Network News and Their Relationship to American Popular


Peluso, Daniel. The politics of health care in the Peruvian amazon


Bonchek, Jensine A. The Kalachakra Initiation: Liminality in a Tibetan Buddhist Ritual


Asano, Makiko. Changing Family System in Japan

Faber, Karen. The Japanese Woman

Huber, Mirella. Hominoid Phylogeny: The DNA Evidence

Tremberger, Geroge.


Cagampang, Constance.

Chien-li, Chou. Rethinking the Chinese Ancestor worship in Uxorilocal Marriages

Kakishita, Minako.

Philips, Judith. Enemy Way Symbolic Patterning in Navajo Art and Ritual

Waxler, Michael.

Long, Petrina.

Sciaba, Elizabeth.

Wu, Yiching.


Bohlhoff, Christiane. Birobidzhan in the Minds of Jews Around the World, 1928 -1993

Hutchinson, Alexandria.

Lanum, Lorelei. Kinship, Family or Possé?

Ranjon, Anne.

Tokuhiro, Yoko.


Brannon, Elizabeth.

Field, Agusta. Community Supported Agriculture Roxbury Organic Farm The Means of Sustainable Community?

Huang, Kuo-En. Explaining China's Corruption

Jaffe, Reva G. Persecution and the Construction of Community

Roane, Ryoko. Contemporary Tattoos: Portable and Wearable Art on the Go

Shichiku, Mika. Culture Shock and the Japanese

Warfield, James.


Bria, Gina. Negotiating Kin: School and Family Relations in West Harlem

Carpenter, Stanford. On the Nature of the Comic Book: Property, Sympathetic Magic, Freaks & the Super Hero Rationale the Creation of a Supra Moral World (1756-1763)

Chien, Su-Ling. The Status of Japanese Women in the Workplace: The Influence of Gender Ideology on Human Capital Attributes

Fabillar, Eliza. Communities in Contemporary America

Farry, Andrew. Military Frontiers: Cosmopolitan Settlement of the French and Indian War

Formisano, Carla M. Destine to Decolonise: A Socio-Economic and Political Evaluation of the Mitchell Years and Their Role in Precipitating the Demise of the Colonial Régime in Postwar Kenya

Gibson, Douglas. Reform within Reform: The Mevlevi Kitchen, A Cookbook, and the Tanzimat

Greenstein, Elizabeth D.

Grossman, David. "The Women of India - A Personal Journey"

Haviland, Linda.

Iezzi, Carina A. Markers of Habitual and Occupational Stress in a Bronze Age Collection

Stamboulidis, Maria. The Evil Eye: A Mechanism to Regulate Social Distance

Stromberg, Matthew. Toward a Tactile Dance: An Anthropological Reevaluation of Physicality and Motion in Contemporary Modern Dance

Suharto, Timothy. Tenaga Dalam: A Culture of Power and Faith

Yum, Samuel. Collecting Korea: Three Ethnographic Views


Bowles, Nancy. Ethnoarchaeological Analysis of Gender in an Eastern New Guinea Highland Society

Dent, Michelle. Performing the Nation: Dialectical Representation of National and Local Identity and the Marketing of the Cultural Other in Oaxaca, Mexico

Gangloff, Rebecca. An Examination of the Links between Deindustrialization and H

Goldthwaite, Jessica. Theoretical Considerations of the Construction of Cultural and Military Risk in Jordan IV Risk among African Americans in NYC

Ickes, Justine D. Song, Singer and Audience: Co-opting Message and Medium A Study of the New Song Movement in Latin America

Kim, Tae-Gyun.

MacKenzie, Wendy. Behind the Lines of the Cultural Wars Framing the Winning Message: with Hope or Nostalgia

Porcu, Leide. Humor at the Fish Market of Cagliari


Boas, Jacqueline S. Womanhood in the "Culture of Poverty"

Burgess, Victoria M. Learning from letters from Iceland: W.H. Auden and the problem of vision in travel-logue and ethnography

Corrigan, Reva H. Neandertals' Place in the Human Lineage

Dale, Antoinette L.

Jung, Stacia A. The Political-Economy of Kiswahili: A Comparative Study of National Language Planning In Tanzania and Kenya

Palacios, Paulina. Replacing the Other: A Study of the Sacred and the Secret in Piaroan Communities

Salcedo, Maria T. Writing Transformation in the Culture of the Streets


Langeveld, Charlotte C. The Political Manipulation of Ethnicity: Nigeria and the Ethnonationalist Movement of the Ogoni

Lotha, Abraham. History of Naga Ethonography

Medina, Luis R. no thesis on file

Smith, Jordana. Conquer and Stir? A Recipe for Nepal: a Nation in the Process of Becoming Images of Nepalese Integration over Time

Tolman, Jill. Social interactions among a group of captive Western lowland gorillas

Yamada, Jin. The Human Face, or the Effectiveness of Mask: Face as a Zone of Subjectification and Redundance

Zima, Alejandro. Agency, images, and emergent meaning in an East Harlem botanica


Green, Pamela A. Anthropologists and Indians Who own the Truth?

Hasten, Lauren W. Gender Pretenders: A Drag King Ethnography

Kirkpatrick, Tara M. The Asthma Epidemic: A Critical Review of Current Research

Polychronidou, Eleni. The Resettlement of Kardia Village in the Prefecture of Kozani, Greece

Santana, Diana. Before the Spirit Dies: Negotiation of Identities in a Costa Rican Communities

Turnipseed, Erica S. Selling Anthropology: The Role of Phylanthropy in the Construction of the African ‘Other': 11865-1925


Abrahamse, Kim. Transnational identities: ‘community', Race, ethnicity, and nationalism amongst colored South African Canadians in Toronto

Altschul Graham, Alyssa. Sounds of Enlightenment: Tibetan Ritual Misic in Yogic Practice

Bagnini, Jenna. "Questionable Law": DeShaney v. Winnebago County Department of Social Services

Boozer, Anna L. The Hibis Temple in the Khargeh Oasis:

Buck, Justine. Reconstruction, Ortsbild and Local Identity in a Black Forest Town

Chuang, Tzu-i. Female Infantilization in Contemporary Taiwan

Freeland, David. The truth of me: story of a female Soul singer

Gerbracht, Robert. Shifting Spaces: Postmodern Geography and a New Cultural Ecology

Jennings, Pilar. Healing Through Intuition: The Next Wave of Medicine in the US

McCullough, Susan Lynn. No thesis on file

Nelson, Scott R. The Aga Khan rural support Programme: an alternative model for rural development

Ryder, Gail M. They Fought the War to Free the Slaves How the Historic North-South Divide Erased Northern Slavery from the American Cultural Memory

van Walsum, Fuson. Cultural Barriers to Development: An Examination of Reasons for Failutre in Sustainable Development Projects

Walker, Sandra. Female-Female Dyadic affiliation and social interactions in captive squirrel monkeys (Saimiri spp.) at the Bronx Zoo. Persian Imperialism and Religious Landscape


Arndal, Edda. Demons in the Body: the impact of Shamanic & Buddhist Cosmologies on the Notion of the Body, Health and Healing in the Indo-Tibetan Contexts

Denbok, Patty. Neocolonialism and Sexism Live on: To what Extent are These Reflected in and Perpectuated by Euroamerican Female Tourism to the Developing World?

Ryder, Gail M. They Fought the War to Free the Slaves How the Historic North-South Divide Erased Northern Slavery from the American Cultural Memory

Yale, Melpomene F. The Emergence of Human Cognition in the Paleolithic as Indicated by Stone Tools and Arts


Enright, Kelly. Beyod Whaling: The Makah and their Canoe

Eythorsdottir, Gudrun. The Antecedent Variables in Prostate Cancer Research: Is Science Sex Value Free?

Greene, Ashley. Gender role and identity construction in post-socialist Romanian women: the use of “traditional” value

Lee, Anderson. Only two returned: An ethnography of new teachers at New York City public schools

MacPherson, Michele. Identity formation in contemporary Algeria: the struggle against continuity

Marsilli-Vargas, Xochiquetzal. Metapragmatics in the Medical Setting: how doctors and patients negotiate their talk during the medical interview

Melika, Ashraf. Egyptian Ethnogynecology: Links Between the Past & the Present

Millien, Stephanie. A view from inside: perspectives of a Haitian-American family from an African-American viewpoint

Nguyen, Houng Thi Thu. Redefining the museum in modern Vietnam a case study of the Vietnam museum of ethnology

Roesler, Karl. The individual within the Olympic movement: a negotiation of meaning in spectacle

Salomon, Jennifer M. Documentary and Memory of War


Diaz-Perez, Constanza. The Monetary Self: a New Understanding of Socialization

Dick, Katherine. Fashion cultures in America: theories and explorations in class, identity and consumerism in the age of postmodernity

Dipti, Khera. The City Palace Museum, Udaipur (Rajasthan) – India: Can Multiple Interpretations be Represented?

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Whitney, John

Zezulinski, Danielle


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Hart, Frederick

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Jones, Kamaya. Neo-Soul Hair: A Look at how Ideological Beauty and Black Hair Politics in the United States Affects the Validity of a Music-Based Movement

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Khalid, Ammar.

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Shen, Xincheng.

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Assalone, Elizabeth M. Back to the Future Mixed Race Histories in the Museum

Belal, Youssef

Betancout, Tikvah.  The Labyrinth of Embedded “Ethics” and Anthropological Perspective on US Counterinsurgency and the Recruitment of Anthropologists

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Do, Anthony.  The Elementary Traces of Psych Mediumship         

Doran, Katelyn. Underlying Cultural Conceptions of Animals in Museum Exhibition of Taxidermy Specimens

Drake, Lesleyanne. Exhibiting Culture:  Innovative Display Techniques in the Brooklyn Museum’s Connecting Cultures Exhibition

Eastman, Vera.  Identity: The Difficulty of Using Blood Quantum for Tribal Enrollment

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Khalil, Mennatallah M.  Language in Revolutionary Moments:  Army Myths and Public Crisis

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Levine, Josh. Crowdsourced Interaction                                           

Long, Shen.  Read Contracts in Field:  Lineage-bound Earth in a Hakka Village Since 1749

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Newsome, Ruth E.

Rabiee, Maryann.  Two years on:  Islam in the 2011 Egyptian Revolution

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Nichols, Charlie.  Interspecies Relationality                        

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Zhang, Ningyun.  Nature Conservation in the Three Parallel Rivers Regions


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Islam, Heba Zainab.  Selling Islam on Television:  Exploring State Ideology through Pakistani Televangelism

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