Sterling Voortmeyer

Sterling Voortmeyer

Research Interest

Research Sub-interest

Race, Ethnicity, State in Society, Linguistic Anthropology


United States


Sterling Voortmeyer studies racial ideology in contemporary America, with particular attention given to discursive power, white racial ideology, social ideological production, and the relationship between public and private discourse and practice. Working at the intersection of these themes, Sterling hopes to improve understandings of ideological formation in predominantly white, conservative spaces, potentiating new approaches to the persistence of contemporary racisms. In her MA thesis, “Race, Violence, and News Production,” Sterling examines the racialization of violence through an analysis of approximately 300 news reports on mass shootings in the United States post-9/11. Her current research is concerned with how whites understand, frame, and defend racially oriented decision making, particularly in the context of political shifts like elections.


Columbia University, MA in Anthropology, 2019
Southern Utah University, BS in Anthropology, 2017