Sophia Jeon

Sophia Jeon

Research Interest

Research Sub-interest

Inequality (Race, Class, Gender), Identity and Social Belonging, Gender and Sexuality, Science, Technology and Society, Language, Nationalism, The Body and Aesthetics


East Asia; South Korea, United States (Korean Americans)


Hai Ri (Sophia) Jeon is primarily interested in how the anonymity provided by the technological space influences the rising tides of feminism in South Korea. By focusing on small grassroot movements active in Seoul—the #MeToo movement, My Body My Choice movement, and the Escape the Corset movement—she seeks to understand how young South Korean feminists are using various modes of technology to either change or perpetuate gender roles and relations in this pivotal time of contemporary South Korea. By using the physical masks to cover their faces during protests as well as the privacy provided to them by feminist forums and apps, these men and women are redefining what it means to strive to enact change and resist mainstream oppression—with complete anonymity. Present and yet not seen, masks and anonymity have become symbols for what it means to be a feminist in South Korea today. Through this research Sophia also hopes to explain the nation’s multifaceted gender inequality that is much more than reliant on the Confucian ideal and tradition. 



New York University, BA in Art History and Anthropology, 2018