Michaela Beth Warshaw

Michaela Beth Warshaw


International Joint Purchasing and the Globalization of Cultural Heritage

Research Interest

Research Sub-interest

Museums, Collections Management, Museum Ethics and Law, Aesthetics and Politics


Michaela Warshaw is interested in questions surrounding the politics and ethics of museum practice, including the role of the law in shaping inter-museum relationships and work. Michaela’s coursework in museum anthropology at Columbia has sought to delve into these foundational questions by combining a theoretical, anthropological interrogation of museum practice with practical, hands-on experience. Her museum experience includes curatorial- and collections-based projects, and she hopes to work closely with collections in her career as a museum professional. 

Michaela received her Bachelor’s Degree in anthropology and archaeology from Barnard College in 2018. As part of her undergraduate coursework, Michaela worked at archaeological field sites and labs, and she has training in lithic, zooarchaeological, and osteological analysis. Her undergraduate thesis explored the politicized messages present in images of hominin species and in museum exhibits on human evolution. 


Barnard College, BA in Anthropology and Archaeology, 2018