M Constantine

M Constantine

Dissertation Review Committee

Research Concentrations

Aesthetics and Politics, Cultural Economy, Collectivity, Language and Semiotics




M Constantine is a writer, editor, and scholar working across art and anthropology. Their research examines the linguistic, economic, and social conditions of contemporary art in Europe, with a focus on how these conditions shape the politics of collective art practices in Berlin. Their dissertation looks at the material consequences of language difference in the aesthetic practices and everyday intimacies of collectives, as they navigate economies of art and cultural work. The project analyzes how collectivity emerges as a distinct sociopolitical form, in critique of the cultural state.

M is an instructor in the Undergraduate Writing Program, where they teach Contemporary Essays, with an emphasis on theories of language and power. Their pedagogy supports students in mobilizing their own linguistic diversity as resources in collective learning. M is also a writing consultant at the University Writing Center, and has served as Lead Teaching Fellow through the Center for Teaching and Learning. They are a participant in the working group Insurgent Domesticities through the Center for the Study of Social Difference.


Columbia University, MA in Anthropology, 2016
Cornell University, MArch (Architecture), 2011
Hampshire College, BA in Art and Theory, 2003