M. Constantine

M. Constantine

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Aesthetics and Politics, Cultural Economy, Globalization, Infrastructure, Semiotics, Collectivity, Value




M. Constantine's research examines the political economy of collectivity across scalar formations of contemporary art. Drawing on 18 months of collaboration and ethnographic fieldwork with the artist collective Slavs and Tatars in Berlin, her research highlights both frictions and flows in the production of value as its practice intersects state cultural policy, art markets, media infrastructures, institutions, and urban development initiatives. Her dissertation asks how the production of value in contemporary art becomes a contentious yet experimental site for the regulation of difference and markets, reflecting internal stresses of the E.U. project—signaling not only the volatility of normative liberal imaginaries, but posing questions about the viability of critical social projects as art and cultural production become increasingly central to attempted re-consolidations of liberal power today.


Columbia University, MA in Anthropology, 2016
Cornell University, MArch (Architecture), 2011
Hampshire College, BA in Art and Theory, 2003