Justin Lee Fleetwood-Goolsby

Justin Lee Fleetwood-Goolsby

Research Interest

Research Sub-interest

Blackness (African-Americanness), African Diaspora, Semiotics, Thing Theory, Transatlantic and Trans-Saharan Slave Trades, Semiotics of Emotion and Materials, Archaeology of Atlantic Africa, Affect, Becoming


African Diaspora; Africa; Cameroon, Nigeria; Indiana; Harlem


Justin Lee Fleetwood-Goolsby’s project revolves around what it means to have a black space. What does it mean to have a black Harlem? What does it mean to be a black individual within a multinational diaspora? As a result, the project is dealing with issues such as gentrification, historical archaeology, social death and rebirth, and positionality. The project also deals with the archaeology of historical and contemporary populations and the sociocultural aspects of material relations. The methodology surrounding this thus brings theories from multiple fields including archaeology, psychology, and sociocultural anthropology. Justin’s master thesis deals with questioning how gentrification affects the idea of a black space. Another running subject in his thesis is how people are resisting or accepting the effects that it brings.


Ball State University, BS in Anthropology, minor in French, 2018