Jacalyn Malsich

Jacalyn Malsich

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Museums, History in Education, Museum Education, American History, Museum Visitor Engagement


Jacalyn Malsich is interested in the role of museums as a part of the American education system, especially the positive impression of interactive learning for disengaged students. 
Her experience as a museum educator has shaped her visitor-centered approach within the Museum Anthropology program. This optimistic approach is informed by the practical constraints of museum bureaucracy and recognition of complicated ethics. She expects to return to museum education or other public-centered positions as a professional in the field.

Jacalyn earned her Bachelor’s Degree in History from Iona College in 2017. She experienced work in archives, historical research, and peer education. Jacalyn’s undergraduate thesis was chosen to represent her college at the National Collegiate Honors Council Conference in Atlanta, GA, where she earned the title of Portz Scholar, 2017. This thesis tracked the evolution of gendered metaphors as rhetorical weapons used against women running for political office in the United States. 


Iona College, BA in History, 2017