Howard Rechavia Taylor

Howard Rechavia Taylor

Research Sub-interest

Historical Justice, Race and Racism, International Law and Colonialism, Europe and its "Others"


Western Europe, Southern Africa; Germany, Namibia


Howie's research interrogates the dynamics by and through which nation-states deal with demands for historical justice from current or former subjects who may not today be citizens.  He focuses on contemporary Europe and its relationship to former colonial subjects who demand repair for crimes committed during the colonial era through the vernacular of reparatory justice.  Such demands for reparation for European colonialism and its attendant crimes are growing throughout the Global South, demands that often turn to the precedent of German reparations to the victims of the Shoah. Yet Germany itself is today the target of demands for repair for a colonial era genocide from the government of its former settler colony, Namibia, and from descendants of Herero and Nama genocide victims not linked to the state. What happens when colonial histories become diverse demands for reparation in western courtrooms, negotiating tables, and parliaments?  How do European states respond to these demands, through what rhetorical practices and through which political logics? How does the legacy of the Shoah come to form the manner in which demands for repair are articulated and responded to in Europe's powerhouse?

Howie's research is funded by grants from the Wenner Gren Foundation and the Berlin Program for Advanced German and European Studies. He holds a graduate certificate in Gender and Sexuality studies and is the Global South editor for the online journal Europe Now. He has written for news outlets such as Al Jazeera and Open Democracy, as well as organisations such as the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights and the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation.


The New School for Social Research, MA in Cultural Anthropology, 2015
King's College, Cambridge University, BA in Politics, Psychology, Sociology, and International Studies, 2011