Gustav Kalm

Gustav Kalm

Research Concentrations

Legal Regimes, Globalization, Political Economy, Aesthetics and Politics


Planetary; Africa, Europe


Gustav Kalm is a PhD Candidate in Anthropology at Columbia University and Institute for Comparative Literature and Society. His dissertation research compares different imaginaries of attachment along transnational supply chains and their relation to scales of political control and distributive politics. He is currently pursuing fieldwork studying how legal techniques such as property and contract and different supply chain management models structure investments that go into West Africa. He also has a strong interest in legal and political iconology and has studied how visuality works in legal veridiction based on contemporary law firm paperwork and illustrations in sixteenth century German practical law books.


Columbia University, MPhil in Anthropology, 2018
Columbia University, MA in Anthropology, 2017
École de droit de Sciences Po, LLM in Economic Law, 2014
École de droit de Sciences Po, BA in Social Sciences, 2011