Geoffrey Rathgeb Aung (Soe Lin Aung)

Geoffrey Rathgeb Aung (Soe Lin Aung)

Research Interest

Research Sub-interest

Land and Labor, Capital and Colonialism, Time and Infrastructure, The Politics of Dispossession, Finance, Extraction, Logistics


Southeast Asia, Southern Asia; Burma (Myanmar), Thailand


Geoffrey Aung (Soe Lin Aung) is a PhD Candidate in the Department of Anthropology at Columbia University, where he specializes in the anthropology of politics and political thought across South and Southeast Asia. His field research focuses on dispossession, popular politics, and infrastructure in southern Burma (Myanmar), alongside an inquiry into the history and translation of left and liberal thought in Burma since the late colonial period.


Columbia University, MA, 2016
Columbia University, BA, 2008

2018. “Postcolonial capitalism and the politics of dispossession: political trajectories in southern Myanmar.” European Journal of East Asian Studies 17: 193-227.

2018b. “Reworking Bandung internationalism: decolonization and postcolonial futurism in Burma/Myanmar.” Critical Asian Studies.