Fern Thompsett

Fern Thompsett

Dissertation Review Committee

Research Concentrations

Settler Colonialism, Indigeneity, Climate Change, Life and Nonlife, Anarchism


Pacific Northwest; United States


Fern Thompsett is researching emergent political responses to climate change; in particular, anticivilization activism in the Pacific Northwest of the US.


University of Queensland, BA in Anthropology, 2010

2017. Coauthor with Eli Meyerhoff. “Decolonizing Study: Free Universities in More-than-human Accompliceships with Indigenous Movements.” The Journal of Environmental Education 48, no. 4: 234-247.

2017b.“Pedagogies of Resistance: Free universities and the radical re-imagination of study.” Learning and Teaching in the Social Sciences 10, no. 1: 24-41.

2016. "Learning by Doing by Learning: Reflections on Scholar-Activism with the Brisbane Free University." Australian Universities’ Review 58, no. 2: 59-66.

2016b. “'The University is Kind of an Impossible Place’: Universities Towards and Against Capitalism.” In Anthropologies of Value, edited by Luis Angosto Ferrandez and Geir Presterudstuen. London: Pluto Press.