Deren Zhang

Deren Zhang

Research Interest

Research Sub-interest

Archaeology, Museums, Art History, Collecting, Communal Memory, Performance and Consumption


Inspired by Dr. Thomas Hoving and his legendary experience in his autobiography, “Making the Mummies Dance,” Deren Zhang started his academic journey at Columbia in the City of New York—one of the locales where Dr. Hoving inscribed his ‘saga’—after finishing his undergraduate studies in China. 

Qualified skills in Chinese Archaeology, as well as different aspects of material culture in ancient China have been developed through theoretical courses and his hands-on experience in an excavation project in Shijiazhuan, Hebei, 2017. For now, Deren Zhang’s interest lies in Museum anthropology and art history, not limited to Chinese practices but cases around the world. Currently, he is working as a part-time intern at Mount Vernon Hotel Museum & Garden in spring 2019.


Minzu University of China, BA in Antiquity and Museology, 2018

2017. “Research on the Evolution of Blue-and-White Porcelain during Yuan and Ming Dynasty.” IDENTIFICATION and APPRECIATION to Cultural Relics 8, no. 8: 50-52.

2017b. “Research on the Population Dynamics during Zhou Dynasty by analyzing archaeological records of Nian Zipo, Bei Lv and Xi Cun Cemetery”, IDENTIFICATION and APPRECIATION to Cultural Relics 8, no. 10: 38-43. 

2017c. “Research on the Shi Jin coins in the Warring States Period.” Collectors 24, no. 9: 77-79.