Daniel West

Daniel West

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Political Ecology, Climate Change, Extinction, Geoengineering, Kinship, Animisms, STS, Dis/ability, Neurodiversity, Ethics, Governance, Aesthetics, Multispecies Ethnography, Actor-Network Theory, Immanent Critique, Radical Love.


Pacific; Hawaiʻi


My previous writing has traced the contours of the Anthropocene across art, architecture, science, technology, and economics over a decade-long career in journalism, from London to Berlin and Beijing. I am the inaugural recipient of the Columbia Department of Anthropology’s Combs-Schilling Award.


Select Bibliography

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Conferences & Presentations

West, D. (2015) “Social Media Strategies for Academics”. Presented at INASP workshop for Mongolian researchers, Open Society Foundation, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, May 11-14.

West, D. (2014) Sole organizer and moderator of Scientific Humanities I: How to Patrol the Borderline Between Science and Politics? workshop, based on Bruno Latour’s "Scientific Humanities" MOOC. Held at School of Geography & Environment, University of Oxford, Feb. 11.

West, D. (2014) Co-organizer and moderator of Digital Democracy half-day workshop. Collaboration with Blavatnik School Masters in Public Policy students, University of Oxford, Feb. 7.


Exhibitions & Events

(2018) Franz Boas Seminar Coordinator, Department of Anthropology, Columbia University, Jan-May.

West, D. (with Israel, M. & Puig, C) (2017) “Invasive Species”, presented at Biodiversity and its Histories, curated by Prof. Deborah Coen. At New York Public Library, Washington Heights, New York City, Apr. 22-May 19.

West, D. (2013) Sole curator of Horizons: Four Audiovisual Meditations on Nature, screening of short films and documentaries. Presented at School of Geography & Environment, University of Oxford, Dec. 4.

West, D. (2007) “Die Jugend”. Survey of German youth identity, produced in collaboration with artist Andreas Lux. Presented at Deutsche Telekom gallery, Frankfurt, Sep. 1-21.

West, D. (2006) Curator and compère for six-hour event for London Design Festival. At Institute for Contemporary Arts, Sep. 22.



(2016) Critique of students’ final speculative proposals for The First Design Biennale of Experimental Micronations, comprising part of Prof. Fiona Raby and Prof. Anthony Dunne’s “Designed Realities: Investigating Criticality, Political Imaginaries and Alternative Worlds” course. Held at UTransLab2, The New School for Social Research, Dec. 19.

West, D. (2007) Critiques of work-in-progress by students of industrial design. At Royal College of Art, May 12.

West, D. (2006) Lecture on creativity and careers. At Camberwell College of Arts, Jun. 9.


Bibliometric Impact

23 academic citations; h-index: 2 (source: Google Scholar).

60,000+ web hits for Icon articles (source: Iconeye.com).


Professional Affiliations

Student Member, American Anthropological Association (AAA).

Member, Society for Cultural Anthropology & Anthropology & Environment Society (AAA).

Member, Digital Anthropologies Interest Group & Pacific Interest Group (AAA).

Student Fellow, Royal Anthropological Institute.

Postgraduate Fellow, Royal Geographical Society.

Member, School for Advanced Research.

Mentor, AuthorAID.

Member, Extinction Rebellion | Columbia University.