Daniel West

Daniel West

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Anīmisms, Rewilding, Ecology, Ethology, Ecofeminism, Extinction, Sentience, STS, Dis/ability, Neurodiversity, Perennialism, Multispecies Ethnography, Actor-Network Theory, Immanent Critique, Radical Empathy.


Pacific; Hawaiʻi


I am a PhD student at Columbia University's Department of Anthropology. My dissertation is a political ecology of Hawaiʻi, informed by local responses to environmental stewardship, sovereignty, and Polynesian cultural renaissance(s).

My previous writing has traced the contours of the Anthropocene across art, architecture, science, technology, and economics over a decade-long career in journalism, from London to Berlin and Beijing. I am the joint inaugural recipient of the Columbia Department of Anthropology’s Elaine Combs-Schilling Award, and also serve as a Mentor for AuthorAID—an international network promoting intellectual exchange between the Global North and South.

You can access my selected publications on Academia.edu, and read more about the ecosocial causes that I support on my Patreon page.