Colleen K. Swift

Colleen K. Swift

Research Interest

Research Sub-Interest

Museums, Museum Theory and Practice, Museum Administration and Social Engagement, Collection Policy and Practice, Art History


Colleen Swift is interested in museum administration, collections, and preservation practices. She enjoys the interdisciplinary role of museums in presenting information while encouraging further study and serving as repositories of objects for the future. At Columbia her studies have included theoretical questions around the role of museums in society from an anthropological perspective and courses in nonprofit administration. Colleen studied anthropology, archaeology, and history at Southern Connecticut State University; her undergraduate thesis focused on analysis of a tool manufacture site in southern Connecticut. Her prior experiences include serving as assistant executive director for the Institute for American Indian Studies, internships at the American Museum of Natural History, Museum of the City of New York, the Lipper Internship for Holocaust Education at the Museum of Jewish Heritage a Living Memorial to the Holocaust, and the Galway Archaeological Field School.


Southern Connecticut State University, BSĀ in Anthropology, 2014