Anna Tyshkov

Anna Tyshkov

Research Interest

Research Sub-interest

Oral History, Indigeneity, Intergenerational Memory


Middle East, Jewish Diasporic Communities, Palestine


Anna Tyshkov is primarily interested in Palestinian oral history and refugee memory. Her academic work is grounded in ongoing field research in the occupied West Bank. In 2016, she began compiling an archive of oral, gendered, and embodied memories of the ‘first Intifada’ (1987–1993) for her undergraduate thesis project at McGill. Between 2017–2018, she conducted nine months of independent fieldwork in refugee camps in Bethlehem. Here she initiated a collaborative and multimedia memory project that archives original Palestinian village stories through the voices of children. Anna’s work mobilizes oral narrative as counter-archive, and engages with Jewish diasporic affect as a motivational praxis. Her aim is to re-trace fragmented geographies through story-telling. 


McGill University, BA in Anthropology, Gender Studies, 2017