Alexandra M. Fanelli

Alexandra M. Fanelli

Research Interest

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Museums, Art and Architecture, Museum Education, Art History


Alexandra M. Fanelli is an avid devotee of educational opportunities through art and museum exhibitions and her purpose is to aid such institutions to eschew hegemonic narratives. Her interests also include the concept of "edutainment" within the museum sector, technology’s impact on museums and the ethical discourses surrounding these institutions.

Alexandra graduated with the highest honor from the Art History and Museum Professions program at the Fashion Institute of Technology. For her undergraduate thesis she focused on the partnership model between the Louvre and its new Abu Dhabi satellite museum, investigating the risks in the export of national cultural heritage and the use of architecture and art to reshape a country’s national identity. 

Alexandra is currently a Gallery Guide at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, where she engages visitors in meaningful and shared dialogue about the artwork on display. 


Fashion Institute of Technology, BS in Art History and Museum Professions, 2017