Akshay Ragupathy

Akshay Ragupathy

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Cities, Infrastructure, Governance, Surveillance, Semiotics




Akshay was born in New Delhi, India, and spent most of their life in its confines. Schoolteachers described the young Akshay as bright, but deeply unmotivated, whimsical, and flighty, mentioning that they desired success but seemed entirely unwilling to work for it. Taking this advice to heart, they pursued a variety of unrelated degrees while spending most of this time missing classes to go attend debating tournaments across India—that for reasons to do with the laundering of black money in India and corporate social responsibility laws—pay very well. In their free time, they enjoy walking aimlessly, writing bad poetry, and making faces at children.


University of Delhi, MA in Sociology, 2017
University of Delhi, BSc in Biological Sciences, 2013