The Anthropology Graduate Student Association (AGSA) is the
representative student group for all PhD and MA students in the
Department of Anthropology at Columbia University. Started in 2013, AGSA
emerged out of a student interest in improving inter-departmental
communication, student solidarity, and the intellectual community of
graduate students within the department. AGSA organizes a range of
annual events including a start of the year gathering every September, a
welcome for prospective students accepted to the PhD in March, and an
annual Town Hall with the Chair as well as the Director of Graduate
Studies (DGS) in May. AGSA supports ongoing student initiatives such as
seminars, screenings, lectures, or workshops that cover a diverse range
of issues. Past examples have included a working group exploring
ethnographic film and media, discussions with faculty on the ethics and
practices of fieldwork, a seminar on alternative employment prospects
outside the academy, and more. AGSA also oversees two departmental
listservs, one for PhD students and one for MA students, used to
facilitate conversation and build community among the graduate student body.

Currently, the structure of AGSA is as follows: each PhD cohort appoint
two representatives among themselves to sit on AGSA, as does the annual
MA cohort. Those in the field can choose to appoint a representative in
absentia who participates via email. Cohort representatives are the
liaisons between their cohorts and AGSA, just as AGSA is the overall
liaison between faculty and the graduate student body. Appointments last
for one calendar year from January - December, with the exception of
graduating students who may be replaced by other members of their cohort
in the Fall semester if possible. Incoming PhD students are extended
invitations in the fall and expected to have two representatives
appointed by the start of spring semester. Additionally, AGSA must
include both Sociocultural and Archaeology Students.


Representatives for the 2018-19 Academic Year:  TBA