Majors and concentrators should consult the director of undergraduate studies when entering the department and devising their program of study. Students who develop specialized interests within the department may select any willing faculty member as their adviser. Many faculty in Anthropology at Columbia hold degrees in several fields or positions in other departments and programs at Columbia. All faculty in the department are committed to an expansiveness of thought and an independence of intellectual pursuit and advise accordingly.

Director of Undergraduate Studies, Professor John Pemberton; 858 Schermerhorn Extension; 212-854-7463;

Fall Semester Office Hours:  Mondays and Wednesdays 3:00pm-4:00pm

Those students who are interested in archaeological anthropology should contact the archaeology adviser to discuss their program of study, Professor Zoe Crossland; 965 Schermerhorn Extension; 212-854-7465;

Fall Semester Office Hours:  Mondays and Wednesdays 3:00pm-4:0pm