Senior Thesis Seminar 2016

Twentieth Annual Senior Thesis Seminar
The Department of Anthropology congratulates the members of our twentieth annual
Senior Thesis Seminar for their stellar works of original undergraduate scholarship!


Alexandra Baer Chan, "From One Nation One People to the American Melting Pot: Changing Community and Identity for the American Lhotsampa Refugees."

Darya Fraiman, "Unstructured Time: the Formation of a Ceramics Community in a New York City Basement." 

Rozanne Gooding Silverwood, "The Indigenous ‘Uncanny’: An Ethnography of Erasure and the Resurgence of Chickasaw Identity." 

Thomas Hallaran, "Heroic Contradictions: the Errant Tweets, New Enclosures, and Social Reproduction of Silicon Valley Venture Capitalists.”

Jing Hao Liong, "Nationalism in Crisis: Analyzing Media Coverage of Corruption and Protest in Malaysia.”

Benjamin Moe, “The Caring Office: Constructing Passion and Productivity in the Modern Tech Startup.”

Ramis J. Wadood, "Hometown Hip-Hop: Music and South Asian Identity in Detroit’s Suburbs." 


First Senior Thesis Symposium