• Partha Chatterjee

    Professor of Anthropology and of Middle Eastern, South Asian and African Studies
    462 Schermerhorn Ext, Mail Code: 5523, United States



    I have recently completed two projects. The first, on global practices of empire since the 18th century, has resulted in the book The Black Hole of Empire (2012). The second, on popular politics in contemporary India led to the book Lineages of Political Society (2011). In addition, I was involved in two recent team projects. The first, a comparative study of democracy in India and the United States, resulted in the co-edited volume Anxieties of Democracy (2012), and the second, located in Calcutta on New Cultural Histories of India, from which a co-edited volume is to be published in early 2014. I have now begun work on two projects: one a philosophical-anthropological study of the concept of needs, and the second a field-based study of the curious absence of caste politics in contemporary Bengal. In addition, I have recently written extensive reflections on my association with Subaltern Studies.



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